The Notebooks

A perfect way to fill the pages

With your thoughts

It’s a authentic form

Of who you are

Well …

At least parts of it

Till you need another one


Just Why

I turned my back

Once more to see

Where I am

“Wow,” I told myself

The pain is worth it

I keep telling myself

Yet I was suppose to be in control

I realized my mind

Went astray again

Should’ve … Could’ve

Why again?

Why now?

Everything becomes blank for a moment
Just to let it sink in
To finally embrace the inevitability
Fate’s existence is standstill
So nothing becomes permanent

Two-Way Street

One day
I took my mind for a ride

It said all kinds of things–
From bloodlust to forgiveness

It believes in the darkest corner of humanity
Because of the lost things

It believes in the moments
Because good things can happen

Everything is for survival
While enjoying some peace