Where Are We Now?

What have we done?

We created such a mess

Our family don’t like each other

Even our friends

We already have so much issues to deal with

Yet here we are again

Just you and me

In between the chaos

We want to choose love

But how can we

When everything is against each other

Please Don’t Love Me

I’m not a easy person to love. I’m a difficult person to love because I make everything complicated and confusing, especially to the people whom I put a lot of emotions into. Once I put my time and effort to someone, I realize that they don’t love you anymore. Or don’t see you as a person anymore. And that hurts so I would start backing away slowly because I believe that love makes you weak. It made me weak enough that others find clever ways to hurt me. So I began to feel like nothing.

I remember thinking what’s the point. What’s the point of loving someone if they keep hurting you. Or what’s the point if I keep hurting myself from loving the wrong person. So why not put myself away from people before I hurt myself or hurt someone else because the truth is they are better off without me.

What About Us?

You hypnotize me with your words, smiles, and sweet actions

While you talk to others

Making yourself look like an angel

While I look like a devil

You say or do things

To hurt me

As if you don’t care

So what am I to you?

A toy you can play with?

Stream of Consciousness #06

Dear Me,

How dare you?! How can you just treat your own heart like that?? Your heart is precious like a diamond and yet you decided to find another rock and smash it into little bits. For goodness sake, know what you want and go after it instead of complaining about like a bitch! I know there’s something in you that you repressed so long. I think you forgot what it was. Come on. I know you know so pick yourself up like a soldier and keep fighting!

Kind regards,

You ❤

Stream of Consciousness #05

Dear Me,

You know this is not healthy. It’s not right. You two rely on each other too much. In the end, you two drive each other crazy–from pain to laughter. You still think he is still worth it. You still think he can be something. I must admit … I believe in him too because I saw it in his eyes like you have. If you are right then time will show us that you two belong together.

Now you deicide to be patient. Hehe.

Kind regards,


That One Person

I’m either the most emotional person you ever met or the most logical person. There’s basically two different persona in one person.

It’s rare for me to show people or someone both sides of me. That someone should be scared and adore me at the same time.

Whomever you are, watch out.

You’ve met your match and I know I have met mine too.

Stream of Consciousness #04

Dear Me,

Do something! Anything! For goodness sake, why can’t do something that can help you and others at the same time? You can be pathetic but I know you do nothing because you are just scared. You’re scared of what will happen next to the point that you feel like you are going to do something that will hurt yourself really bad. Come on. You know that isn’t the answer. Do something productive. Make him proud!

So stop it! Stop feeling bad about yourself and fix your problem. It’s your problem so fix it. You know you have to whether you like it or not. So fix it. Fix it!

Yours truly,

You ❤