Confession #04

I hate being alive. All the pain I’ve gone through feels so much that I’m impressed I lived this long but always searching for it like a moth to a flame. Why did all this happened to me? Is it because I deserve to be mistreated? Is it because I don’t deserve to be happy? Maybe I’m nothing but a wasted space that no one wants to be with. Am I good enough? Smart enough? What am I? And who should I become?


Life Or Death

I’m either on the edge of life or death

even in between where I don’t feel anything.

I always thought this Universe is testing us.

Making us see something that wasn’t there in the first place. I always wonder what is beyond the stars.

Such curiosity made me realize

it is part of the adventures you can embark.

So traveling has always been an idea.

An illusion almost because I’m always in need of money and saving as much as I can.