Stream of Consciousness #08

Dear Me,

Wake up. Not this again. Wake up! You need to wake up! I know you still have feelings for him. You are just using hostility to lash out and giving him a reason to leave you. I know you like him like A LOT. So much that your hearts hurt when he is not there. So stop pretending and wake up! Wake up damn it! Do I have to slap you?! I know you will regret it so wake up.

Don’t you remember the little girl long ago you wished for this moment. The moment when someone finally choose you and only you. Now look at you. What the hell?! You want this. I know you do. So stop being so cold. People don’t like that. You need to remember again, don’t you. The dream you had and now it’s somewhere hidden in your mind just because you don’t like being hurt.

Maybe. During this time apart, someone else’s poor soul will make you realize that. Realize what you lost.

So please. Just. Wake. Up.

Kind regards,

You ❤


Life Or Death

I’m either on the edge of life or death

even in between where I don’t feel anything.

I always thought this Universe is testing us.

Making us see something that wasn’t there in the first place. I always wonder what is beyond the stars.

Such curiosity made me realize

it is part of the adventures you can embark.

So traveling has always been an idea.

An illusion almost because I’m always in need of money and saving as much as I can.