Coming Back Home

Please don’t let go

Of whatever glimpse of life

That you have

So you find your way back home


Life Or Death

I’m either on the edge of life or death

even in between where I don’t feel anything.

I always thought this Universe is testing us.

Making us see something that wasn’t there in the first place. I always wonder what is beyond the stars.

Such curiosity made me realize

it is part of the adventures you can embark.

So traveling has always been an idea.

An illusion almost because I’m always in need of money and saving as much as I can.

Just Let Me Die

I’m either living or dying.

My mind won’t choose. I’m always fighting in my mind that I can’t win.

There’s always a battle and I try to fight it but … I’m so tired.

I just want to give up.

I need someone to push me to finally give up on life. So I won’t fight anymore.

Just Give Up … On Me

What took you so long?

You finally gave up on me. That’s what I wanted you do for me.

So I finally know that I lost you.

I always knew I don’t deserve something so beautiful.

Your kind of love is something different I thought. I guess I was wrong.

At least I now know I truly don’t need or want it.

Now I’ll fight my corner again till I finally give up on myself once more.


Now I’m curious of how I will die.