Who Am I?

Have you ever look at yourself in the mirror and start questioning yourself? These days I don’t know who I am on the inside. I feel like I lost so many pieces of me. What am I? Who will I be? Is this the real me? I don’t know anymore.

The Runner

I always ran

To wherever my heart desire

Just to find peace

But I realized

I’m running away

From myself

I’m running away

From my demons

Then I realized

I’ve forgotten who I am

Confession #04

I hate being alive. All the pain I’ve gone through feels so much that I’m impressed I lived this long but always searching for it like a moth to a flame. Why did all this happened to me? Is it because I deserve to be mistreated? Is it because I don’t deserve to be happy? Maybe I’m nothing but a wasted space that no one wants to be with. Am I good enough? Smart enough? What am I? And who should I become?