My Religion, My God

I knew I saw something in you

I wasn’t sure what it was

People kept saying it’s love

They kept admiring us

While being afraid of us

Then I thought

That I met God

“God is love,” they say

I think that is what it was

I saw the light

Shining so bright

To me

You are my religion

My God


Almost There

I breathe in it’s fires
Just to condemn myself
Only when hope is lost
And nothing more

Yet the vision is hanging on
Like a thread
Close yet almost gone
As if the light wants to disappear


I told myself that I don’t deserve love
And so I avoid people

I told myself I need pain
And so the cuts run deep

I told myself I’m fat and ugly
And so the foods consumed me

I told myself the purgatory is my home
And so the void touched my mind

Hope is an illusion
That I cannot keep