Just For You

The type of love you gave

It was extraordinary I thought

Because I wanted to fly

And sing as loud as I can

To show the world

What we can be

What I can be

So thank you sweetie


For Everyone

Today, I decided to be grateful. Not because it is a holiday. Because I am even though I don’t see it yet. I know I am truly grateful of meeting someone who showed me love this year. I felt it all and wanted the best for that person. I will always be grateful for him because he is the reason why I choose to live. Choose to love instead of hate, greed, and all that negative emotions I have inside.

So please be good to each other, be kind to each other despite who they are, and lastly just be nice.

Thank you for reading this post

And I hope many of you are enjoying your Thanksgiving! ❤

Thank you everyone!

Today, this blog has reached 500 likes and 100 followers! Thank for those who decided to stick around to read my poems. It means a lot to me. I do hope you continue to stay! ^_^ And to the new followers … I’m glad you found me and I do hope my content make you come by more! ^_^ ^_^

You guys are amazing!!!!!

Finally, I want to thank someone who may or may not read this. You are everything. I owe you so much!!!!!