Ashes to ashes

Bones to bones

Flesh to flesh

We shall rise

To thrive

And renew


My condolences 

To your heart 

And your mind 

I know it’s hard 

But bear with us 

You’re not alone 

Let’s do it together this time around

Done Believing

You told me to decide so fine. I decide not to believe in anything anymore. I don’t believe in love, faith, hope, or God. Once you believe in something, you will get hurt. And I don’t like getting hurt. So it’s better to pretend everything is okay even though it’s not.

The Person

I thought you were my person

Someone I can talk to about anything at any time

Someone who looks beyond my flaws and see who I really am

Someone I show the best and worse of me

Someone who feels like home

Someone I can be with without shame

Someone who loves me for me

So where are you now??

Stream of Consciousness #06

Dear Me,

How dare you?! How can you just treat your own heart like that?? Your heart is precious like a diamond and yet you decided to find another rock and smash it into little bits. For goodness sake, know what you want and go after it instead of complaining about like a bitch! I know there’s something in you that you repressed so long. I think you forgot what it was. Come on. I know you know so pick yourself up like a soldier and keep fighting!

Kind regards,

You ❤

My Religion, My God

I knew I saw something in you

I wasn’t sure what it was

People kept saying it’s love

They kept admiring us

While being afraid of us

Then I thought

That I met God

“God is love,” they say

I think that is what it was

I saw the light

Shining so bright

To me

You are my religion

My God

Almost There

I breathe in it’s fires
Just to condemn myself
Only when hope is lost
And nothing more

Yet the vision is hanging on
Like a thread
Close yet almost gone
As if the light wants to disappear