Why Bother Talking

I have no voice. There’s no one who is willing to listen to me. So why bother talk when people will hurt you in the end. My heart is so broken. I don’t know how to love myself so I like the pain. It’s a addiction. So give me no mercy and put me out to oblivion.

My Love For Poetry

Words mean everything to us.

I chose poetry because I love the challenge of finding the right words to say in any moments that we experience. It’s like a whole new way of getting your voice to be heard with few words. I always wondered of how I can invoke certain emotion through words. My belief is that words mean everything to us. It brings us together or apart. It shades a light of who we are as a person or humanity itself. It shares our experience no matter how different we are from race, economic, etc. Without words how can we all be still here wanting more?

That One Person

I’m either the most emotional person you ever met or the most logical person. There’s basically two different persona in one person.

It’s rare for me to show people or someone both sides of me. That someone should be scared and adore me at the same time.

Whomever you are, watch out.

You’ve met your match and I know I have met mine too.

Stream of Consciousness #02

Dear Me,

It’s okay. Just breathe. I know it is scary but you know you need this. Remember that you are doing this for you and no one else. So stop doubting yourself DAMN IT. You know you did everything you can for them and now you need to focus on you. Just be the better version of yourself and everything will be alright.

Kind regards,

You ❤


Stream of Consciousness #01

Dear Me,

What is going on? I know it hurts to move on but you have to. Please forget him. If you can’t then use that pain into something useful. Go and take over the world in your own way. And shout as loud as you can so people can hear you. Write as much as you can to show the world what you are capable of because you know you do.

Get your fix in this world. This time be patient. Be stubborn on the right things. And always be kind to others because they need it too like you do. Finally, be kind to yourself. So don’t take that blade. Put it away. In fact, throw it away in the lake! Just push through. Breathe.

Kind regards,

You ❤