My Love For Poetry

Words mean everything to us.

I chose poetry because I love the challenge of finding the right words to say in any moments that we experience. It’s like a whole new way of getting your voice to be heard with few words. I always wondered of how I can invoke certain emotion through words. My belief is that words mean everything to us. It brings us together or apart. It shades a light of who we are as a person or humanity itself. It shares our experience no matter how different we are from race, economic, etc. Without words how can we all be still here wanting more?



Just a reminder that it is always worth it in the end.

Book: Chasers of the Light: Poems from the typewriter series

Author: Tyler Knott Gregson

Publisher: Penguin Group


I thought this piece of poetry perfectly describes how I feel about meeting new people. The book is called Whiskey words & a shovel.

Enjoy! ❤

All rights reserved to r.h. Sin and Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Who Am I?

We are our own collection

of how our mind is constructed

We can be our own demise

or savior

The decisions and choices we make

leave a permanent mark

Like a tattoo we see it everyday

whether we like it or not

I dare you look at it

Do you like what you see?