Fell In Love With The Devil

I fell in love with the devil himself 

Because I saw the goodness 

Behind those dark eyes 

Believe he can be one of us

Just simply human 

Who is just trying

Letter From Mother Nature


Why are you doing this again? This is our home. This is our planet. You should be kind. Be kinder next time because I’m tired of seeing litter from beaches to parks to oceans. It’s not nice. Be kinder next time. I’m not happy of seeing these especially from you. You are suppose to be better but your greed is stronger than everything else. I’m highly disappointed at many of you. The chaos will continue until someone gets the message and change your ways before everything is gone. Do you understand?! Change!! Please! This is our home. You live where I give all fruits and labor but you treat it like trash. For goodness sake, this is our world. Remember that …

Thanks for listening,

Mother Nature