Cracked Mirror

So many fallen pieces

Never assembled

Nothing but broken pieces

Rediscovered while carefully mending it

One by one

While appreciating it

Who Am I?

Have you ever look at yourself in the mirror and start questioning yourself? These days I don’t know who I am on the inside. I feel like I lost so many pieces of me. What am I? Who will I be? Is this the real me? I don’t know anymore.

Confession #07

Hello everyone,

I’m lucky to have a 5 months old baby boy whom I absolutely adore. Part of me thinks he is my soulmate but terrified if he will hate me. Maybe it’s my PPD talking but I can’t help to have doubts of my abilities. Yet I want to show him that nothing can stop his mommy to inspire him to reach for the stars. That determination and grit will always pays off. For some random reason, I keep having horrible thoughts of scenarios that can happen. I’m not sure if this is part of PPD or just me. I don’t know how to feel about this at all. I want to make sure I’ll be the best mom for him but am I good enough for him?

Thanks for reading,