What To Do With You?

Oh. My. God.

What am I suppose to do with you?

I hate you but I love you.

I love you but I hate you.

Apparently, you are my sore eyes.


Stream of Consciousness #03

Dear Me,

Oh God! I hope everything will go as planned. If not then I’m hella screwed. I need to remind myself that I deserve a fresh start and live the way I should and no one else’s. Sometimes I think I don’t trust myself enough to do this but I have to keep remind myself to do it for me. I never get a chance to help me when I’m too busy helping other people. I hope my friends would know how much I love them. They always motivated me but I never believed it. Now I need to motivate myself. Come on! I can do this! Yes I can. Yes I can. Yes I can!

Alright. Here we go!

Just remember to just breathe and everything will fall in place.

Kind regards,

You ❤

P.S. I just hope one day he will forgive me. Can’t help but wonder if he will be proud of me if I do this?

Stream of Consciousness #02

Dear Me,

It’s okay. Just breathe. I know it is scary but you know you need this. Remember that you are doing this for you and no one else. So stop doubting yourself DAMN IT. You know you did everything you can for them and now you need to focus on you. Just be the better version of yourself and everything will be alright.

Kind regards,

You ❤