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What A Star

I can’t stop remembering

Everything we did

What you did to me

What I did to you

And what we do to us

It was chaotic

Yet beautiful

It was everything we imagined

Because our mind and soul collided

And made a star

Brighter than the sun

We created something beautiful sweetie


Please Hate Me

I couldn’t stand the way you look at me with those eyes. It calmed me or gave me passion. I know I don’t deserve it so I did everything that you will hate me. I wanted you to hate me, not love me. So I took your heart and break it. So yes my love. I wanted all this to happen so you can hate me and see how horrible I am.

It was successful.

I’m sorry my love.


Just Why

I turned my back

Once more to see

Where I am

“Wow,” I told myself

The pain is worth it

I keep telling myself

Yet I was suppose to be in control

I realized my mind

Went astray again

Should’ve … Could’ve

Why again?

Why now?

Be Aware


There’s something you need to know
There are these girls
Who makes you feel special
And unwanted

She is cruel
She is a wanderer
Who goes around
And making them worship her
Like a Goddess

One day
She either says goodbye
Or leave completely
Till your heart gives out

So stay away from her