Moment of Silence

Today is Memorial Day here in the States. So let’s take some time to today to reach out and help a veteran, including those who help them. Without their help, we wouldn’t have the time to share our voices to those who need it the most.

Worth Living

I would rather fill my heart
with love,
and sorrows

Just to remind myself
that nothing is set in stones

To remember
that all of us are just trying to live

We just want peace among the crowds



Flying Again

“Take those broken wings and learn to fly.”

~ Blackbird from the Beatles

When your life falls apart, nothing seems to be worth it. It leaves it’s residue to pass it on and on. Soon it becomes a scar that you see everyday. In the end, you move on. One day you look back and realized it was worth it–just to fly even higher than the limit.

Everything becomes blank for a moment
Just to let it sink in
To finally embrace the inevitability
Fate’s existence is standstill
So nothing becomes permanent