Spaces Between Galaxies

There are those days

When I look out at the stars

Feeling small and glorious

Knowing that I’m part of it

Is extraordinary


New Year New Me!

This year has been a huge mess. I was unemployed, lost my favorite job, had a car accident, and got scammed. Also, quite possibly lost my chance of being an actual relationship.

There were some moments when I wanted to commit suicide because everything felt too much. I’m struggling to keep my head up and soldier on. Quite frankly, I am so glad that this year is finally over and really take a time for myself like sign up for kickboxing, jiu jitsu, and cooking classes. It is time for me to finally take care of myself. Lately, I’ve lost 6 pounds by walking around the neighborhood and weightlifting for 2 months. I’m so proud of myself. Of course, I will continue doing the routine.

Hey 2018. I’m here and ready to kick you in the ass! Whoo!