Not Alone

Let me hold your arms

To feel the veins

The blood runs low enough

Just to float like stick on water

I wanna say this one thing

“I’m here too”

The Story Ends

I stood beside the fire
Just to embrace its warmth
One step closer
And the sensation intensify

My brain tells me to stay away
My mind tells me to take another step

To surrender completely

Two-Way Street

One day
I took my mind for a ride

It said all kinds of things–
From bloodlust to forgiveness

It believes in the darkest corner of humanity
Because of the lost things

It believes in the moments
Because good things can happen

Everything is for survival
While enjoying some peace

Hello AgainĀ 

Here I am writing to you once more 

I told you that nothing is suppose to be ok

Every fiber in my being believe that

But also believe nothing is set in stone

Until you meet that one person

Who change your mind